Fully integrated card payments for EPoS

Make your card terminal talk to your EPoS with psConnect

What is psConnect?

psConnect is an exclusive product that will completely change the way you take payments.

It creates an automatic link between your EPoS and card terminal, making it quick and easy to take card payments without needing to key in values separately.

The secure software is built in to our card machines and works with almost every type of EPoS system in the current market.


Integrated pay at table

This unique service allows you to print a bill and close off a table directly from the card machine itself

4x faster service

An average sale takes over a minute to process. With our integrated solution, this is reduced to 15 seconds!

No human error

Integration guarantees payments are always 100% accurate, so you never have to deal with accidental miskeys

Protect your profits

Fully reconciled cash and card payment totals completely removes any opportunity for internal theft.

Faster cashing up

There is no need to cross check figures against end of day reports when doing your cashing up. The system is fully integrated and automated into your EPoS software.

psConnect has been designed to save you time, money and hassle

Whether you're a high street retailer or chain of restaurants, integrating your EPoS and card machine will make a huge difference to your business.

Seamless integration

As you enter a total on your EPoS system, it automatically appears on your chip & PIN machine. When the card transaction is complete, you EPoS will instantly approve the sale.


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