Adam Irvine

Local Merchant Services

After graduating from the University of Ulster Coleraine with a degree in Business Finance & Investment, I moved to Dublin to work for ITC; a company specialising in investments within pension funds. I thoroughly enjoyed living in Dublin and, following the 2008 Irish banking crisis, I took an opportunity to move to South Korea and teach English. Seoul is a fantastic place, I ended up moving into recruitment and staying for nearly 4 years.

I did a lot of travelling during my time in Asia and headed back to Northern Ireland early 2013. I have been working for PaymentSense for over 2 years now. Specialising in offering business owners better card processing packages, both online and through chip and pin terminals.

During my time I have built up a solid customer base in every corner of the country. I think by now I have tapped into every industry, so getting a referral off a local company or someone in the same line of work will be no problem. I am one of the top sellers in the company having already helped over 300 businesses move to Paymentsense. I always go the extra mile with my customers and will give you 100% effort to get your card transactions running smoothly and profitably.


Call Me on 02890 992 890 for information or to get a no obligation Quote for your business